The Best Laid Plans

The new equipment was delivered on Thursday but we have not been able to install it. Here is a lesson on what can go wrong.

The original order for a new circuit with WindStream didn't include a subtenant's phone number that we were porting over. Given the new information WindStream said they had to restart the order from scratch. ????? So the circuit may be installed on the original date of 1/10/13, or it may not.

Huh? is all I can think. I was told this wouldn't have been a problem with Paetec, our original carrier which was purchased by Windstream around a year ago. I suspect carriers still act like it is 1999 in terms of customer service. Why couldn't they just install the new circuit and then port the number?

To add difficulty we are in Washington DC and an inaugural is less than a month away. Any installation date after Jan 10 might be affected by the Secret Service closing access to all underground tunnels in case any new wires need to be pulled, pushing back installation date even more. Hopefully Windstream will meet the original Jan 10 deadline.

This puts CWPS in a quandary. The engineer assigned to our project has an installation job that could conflict if our go live date of Jan 16 is delayed. So another engineer has been assigned to us and he wasn't available to mount the equipment in the racks and set it up for testing Dec 28. 

On the bright side I had an unexpected doctor's appointment on Dec 28. Infected finger, worst the physician's assistant had ever seen. I would have needed the ER if I waited any longer.

So I have all of the fully configured pieces in my office waiting for installation. We have to set up new dates. I can't play with my new toys yet. I can show the new phones to the staff. I get reactions from "cool" to "I don't have room on my desk for those huge phones."

And a Happy New Year to all.