Dialing From My Mac

Working on a Mac can be more challenging than from a Windows computer. Microsoft Provides TAPI, Telephony Applications Programming Interface, and most phone vendors take advantage of it. TAPI is the standard interface between Windows and phones. Apple doesn't offer an equivalent.

Fortunately there are a few products provide this functionality. I am currently testing Dialectic and Phone Amego. Both programs add a menu to the Mac menubar to quickly make calls. Both provide plugins so you can dial directly from Address Book/Contacts or other programs such as DayLite.

They both work with Cisco phone systems. But they share a common weakness with Cisco phones, you need to enter the phone's IP address in addition to the user's name and password. While I expect phone IP addresses to be stable since they are on for long periods of time, when the phone’s IP address changes then Dialectic or Phone Amego settings would need to be updated. I gather in the Windows world the dialer application would talk directly to the PBX and do not need to know the target phone's IP address.

But with that said, both programs succeed at automating phone dialing. They offer functionality beyond that but I have not yet explored those functions. I am looking forward to how they handle incoming calls but that will have to wait until we go live at the end of the month.

Phone Amego: http://www.sustworks.com/pa_guide/index.html#.UPBQ0KWP0g8
Available from the developer's stie and Apple's App Store for $29.95 for a single license. License packs are available at discounted prices.

Dialectic: http://www.jonn8.com/dialectic/
Available from the deleloper's site for $25 for a single license. License packs are available at discounted prices.

If you use either product or use another one please post a comment.