New Go Live Date

Some of the fun with new phone systems are changing target dates.

WindStream delayed the circuit install date from Jan 10 to Jan 18 because we added a phone line to be transferred to the circuit, bumping our order to the bottom of the list. Phone companies, 20th century customer service, 

In addition the secret service might not allow Verizon to do its work due to the inauguration. And they aren't sure if there are phone wires that go from the floor's phone closet to the building's basement phone closet. So we are having professionals come check out the wiring this week or next week. *sigh*

So CWPS engineers are book for the following 2 weeks and suggest the week of Feb 4 for going live. This is too deep into our production schedule and I am concerned that our staff will not have time for training, so we need to wait until we ship our March issue to the printers.

So the new go live date is 5pm Feb 20 and then training for everyone Feb 21.