It's on the Rack


The CWPS engineer arrived this morning and we installed new humongous UPS, the BU 6000, the router, the ASA firewall, and a monitoring unit on the racks. Nothing is plugged in yet.

Note to self, in future buy 4-post racks with square holes in them. Modern data equipment doesn't like our racks with round holes. We had to buy a rack shelf for the BU 6000 for that reason.

Tomorrow we replace our Netgear switches with Cisco switches. Oh happy day, I have to reboot the Netgear switches once a month in hopes that they don't stop working on their own accord. The Cisco switches have a faster backplane and support Power over Ethernet (PoE) for the phones and CWPS will monitor the switches for us. I am hopeful that this will improve our data network.

Because these switches will draw more power than the old ones I will make sure they are plugged into the UPS units that have the lightest loads on them. They are too distant from the new UPS to plug them into it.

Because we need to shut down our network to replace the switches I'll get to work an hour early so we can be sure to finish up the job by 8am. It shouldn't take an hour but I want to leave time for things to go wrong.

We will check out the Cisco ASA firewall to make sure it is properly configured to replace our SonicWall 4100.

On Wednesday morning at 8am I'll move all network connections from the SonicWall to the ASA. I will need to double-check that everything that depends on the firewall works properly. I will also have to set up a new configuration for remote access since the ASA will be our remote access server.

And we are still waiting to hear from WindStream for the circuit installation date.