Up and Running But No Where to Call

Installed Switches

We swapped our Netgear switches with the Cisco gear. Took an hour. The worst put was getting the cables plugged into the new switches. Since the stacking cards were installed at the integrators office and tested I knew this should be simple and everything would just work.

David, our CWPS engineer, then checked out the switches for any problems, such as loops.

We missed only one cable when reconnecting everything to the switch.

Connect the Equipment to the Switches

Fairly simple. David carefully connected all of the components (UPS network card, BE 6000, Cisco Router, CWPS monitoring station) to the switch. Then turned them on. Nothing blew up. I think my standards of success are too low.

I now have a cisco phone on my desk. It works but I can't do anything but leave voicemail for other staff right now. But I can start playing with it.

Integrating Cisco PBX to Open Directory

This is the first time David had connected a Cisco phone system to Apple's Open Directory. The Cisco gear is designed to work with Active Directory. It took a while, but a friend of mine, Jon Thomason, provided the key advice. Treat Open Directory as straight LDAP and then gave me an example of an authenticated bind he had done with his equipment. That was all of the information he needed. I have looked up staff names using the phone's Corporate Directory and it brings up the name with the phone number as listed in Open Directory. I have to figure out if I should include the entire number of just the extension in the directory.

So, in theory, the we should be able to tie in the Cisco ASA firewall into the Open Directory. Thus, a person creating a remote connection should just need their Open Directory name and password.

Next Step

Tomorrow we switch from the SonicWall to the ASA. Hopefully, with the exception of the remote users, no one will notice a difference. And it sounds like it will be easy for remote users to configure their Macs, though I suspect users with office MacBooks will need us to do this for them since they don't have administrative passwords.

And then try to get the Cisco phone system to download contact information from Kerio Connect via LDAP, or at least be able to do lookups.

One Small Thing

Previously I have complained about the Cisco phones not having a Home button to take you right back to the home page. So far if I press the button next to my name it does take me to the opening page, instead of having to work backups from being 5 menus deep. I think learning the phone's basics will be easy.