Finally Fax

We can receive faxes again.

The provider for our 3 analog lines finally finished the work.. We don't get many faxes but the loss of our incoming fax lines probably cost us a few ads for the March issue. The provider claims that the order was improperly made, I find that hard to believe, and their response to complaints was very slow. A Verizon tech came to finish the job yesterday (he didn't know what was the problem, he was just told that the lines weren't working) and Chris from ARG came out so he could work with the tech. Everything is now working.

As I thought our use of fax was dying we've seen a sudden increase in our use of faxing.

We have a 4-Sight Fax server. Some sales reps are contacting many doctor offices and they are faxing them since doctors prefer faxes over e-mail. These reps have e-fax accounts but wanted a way to just enter a list of doctors and have faxes with customized cover sheets go out. With the e-fax they would have manually crafted a letter to each doctor. I created a cover letter in 4-Sight Fax for this project. The subject line is fixed so they don't have to enter it every time. They can enter multiple doctors into the Fax Client and off go the faxes with the cover letter and a 1 page ad with a minimum of effort. Perhaps this could have been done more smoothly with e-fax but it was a rush job and I didn't have time to look into the e-fax capabilities.

Our classified advertising manager was asking about digital faxes last week. Rather than set her up with an e-fax account I am having all faxes that come to our 

4-Sight Fax server be routed to her via e-mail. 4-Sight Fax could route incoming faxes to appropriate e-mail accounts based on the phone number dialed.