The new system is live

I've been so busy working on the new phone system that I haven't had time to do much posting or any deep review. I will do more writing as life slows down.

I spent today putting a new phone on everyone's desk. Windstream started porting the numbers from our old circuit to our new one around 4pm. A representative from our phone agent, ARG, and our PBX installer, were involved with this step. Our new circuit has been active for 3 weeks, so we have been making outgoing calls over that time and staff with new DID numbers were able to receive calls. All calls come in on our new circuit and the old one should have been killed by now.

We did a fair bit of fine tuning today and we will have to do more over the next 2 days. But the bulk of the work has been completed.

The best part of the day was when an editor told another editor how easy it was to look up the staff directory on the phone and do various tasks. I am pleased how easy it has been for people to take advantage of the phone's features with just a 2 page quick start guide and some exploring.

Everyone I show the Cisco Jabber app are excited by it. When we did internal surveys 6 months ago no one was interested computer telephony or having office visual voicemail on their iPhones. Now that people see these features in action they are interested in them.

Tomorrow morning I'll be removing old handsets, do some tinkering and take the official user training.

Anyone interested in a AT&T Definity 75r3 system? It is free for the taking.