And some days you can’t win [updated]

Cisco Jabber search hates large Address Books

I was setting up a user with Cisco Jabber today and he has a huge huge Address Book. Searching on a name takes around a minute.

Dialectic hates me

Dialectic worked great with my testing on January 11. I bought a few licenses today and it is now having problems authenticating to our Cisco UM, so it cannot control our phones. Working on it.

Update: A coworker got Dialectic to work on his MacBook. He went to miscellaneous preferences and turned on proxy server authentication and entered his OD username and password. Still not working for me, but this indicates that it should work. In addition Jon Nation of JNSoftware responded to my e-mail on this issue very quickly and provided information on how Dialectic works with Cisco UM.

Another Update: Dialectic is now working on my Mac after playing with the proxy preferences preferences some more. But I don’t know what I did to make it work and am now trying to duplicate my success on a 3rd Mac. But this makes me feel hopeful.