Record all changes

We accidentally shut down the WindStream router. No big deal, I think, just start it up again. Well, it isn’t talking with our Cisco router. Big Deal.

I called CWPS for help, and after checking the basics they suspect that the router restarted with an old configuration that didn’t include the modifications made on the day of installation. They were right.

But it took way too long to fix. WindStream had to check the circuit and then give the case to the router support group. Everything seemed fine to them, the settings matched their records. Unfortunately their records didn't include changes made on installation day. That mistake cost us around an extra 4 hours to get it repaired. Even after CWPS gave them the updated information it took over an hour for WindStream to make those changes.

Records have been updated and I requested that the new configuration be saved in the router to the settings will  survive a reboot.

A co-worker has suggested that the problem is that Mercury is in retrograde and some people find that their phone lines go down.