Daylite 4

We are upgrading to Daylite 4 in less than 2 weeks. We will be able to have it work with the Cisco system for creating and logging calls, but not receiving them.

Daylite is a CRM program from MarketCircle. It is a powerful contact manager designed for people who need to track relationships between people, companies, tasks, projects, etc. Version 4 brings a new interface and under-the-hood improvements. The client software runs on Mac OS X 10.7 and later and iOS, the server software runs on Mac OS X.

While we did a little integration with Daylite 3 and Cisco UM version 4 look better.

Daylite 4 now supports Dialectic without the need for a plug-in. We have purchased 10 licenses for Dialectic, which I wrote about in an earlier blog. It is an solid product for having your Mac dial your Cisco phone. It provides call logging and does neat tricks like converting a text phone number, such as 800-MY-PLUMBER, to a numeric value. But I’ve had problems getting it to authenticate with Cisco UM and it needs to know the Cisco phone’s IP address. It also cannot know when an incoming call is coming in under Cisco UM, it can detect incoming calls with some other phone systems.

We are testing FoneConnector with Daylite 4. Unlike Dialectic there is no visible application, it works only as a Daylite plug-in. It supports Gigaset, Skype, Starface and AppleScript. No explicit Cisco support but if you use it to dial from Daylite it will dial via Cisco Jabber. Minimal configuration was needed, just set up FoneConnector to use scripting and it will dial via Cisco Jabber. This is a big win, while Dialectic calls directly though the Cisco phone, FoneConnector does so indirectly via Jabber. So if someone is using their Mac as a phone, FoneConnector can dial for them from Daylite.

The Cisco system still falls short in terms of incoming calls, I have not found any way to get jabber to run a script that could notify FoneConnector that a call has arrived and to log it into Daylite and link the incoming call to a contact. FoneConnector does support this feature with other systems and can accept information via AppleScript if the other app, such as iLink, PhoneAmego or Dialectic, can trigger an AppleScript on incoming phone calls. Time to request Cisco to add this feature to Cisco Jabber for the Mac.