Tasks and K4 v6

I am looking forward to K4 v6. The change from status to task orientation will be a welcome change.

K4 v5.9 and ealier and in most other workflow solutions are status oriented. All objects—an article or layout—have a status assigned to them. This status should reflect where the object is in the pipeline and provide control over who has what type of access to the object. For example, at The Washingtonian the status Final for Art allows only designers and copy editors to edit the article but allows ready only access to other staff. 

But problems can occur if staff do not manually advance the status or don't agree on what that status represents. There is no way to ensure that when various tasks are completed that the status is moved forward. There is also no built in reminder about what should happen within each status.

K4 v6 changes to a task orientation. Staff no longer changes status, it is done automatically as tasks are checked off. This provides a visual reminder to editors and designers what they should do at specific stages. If you want editors to perform a spelling check every time they hand a piece to someone else you can make spelling check a task to be performed during every editorial status. It is easier to say that you did a task than having to decide if the next status is ready.