K4 v6, InDesign CS5 and Adobe Digital Publishing Platform

I just viewed a webinar about using InDesign CS5, Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite and the K4 workflow solution. While I am impressed by DPS I wouldn’t consider creating an iPad version of The Washingtonian without upgrading to K4 v6. The latest version of K4 has many tools that ease the conversion of print layouts into the iPad format and allows for simultaneous work on the print and digital versions. The alternative would be to complete the print version and then work on converting it to a digital format. This makes me very happy that we just committed to upgrading to v6.x of K4 early in 2011. 

This doesn’t mean that K4 magically converts a paper edition to a digital one. It provides tools that makes it easier, especially for larger workgroups. While it would be possible to do the work in K4 v5.9 and then convert the layouts in InDesign CS5 with DPS, it would require more work and not allow for concurrent writing and editing of both the print and digital editions.