Smells Like Beta Software

K4 v6.3 is beta software. There are simply too many aspects of it that do not work properly. Rewinds, erros on accepting (and completing) tasks, missing versions. Every production cycle some new problem comes up. It is very frustrating. And my sources tell me that v6.4 isn’t any worse but doesn’t fix most of these issues. I just read of an index problem that is making me wait for the release of v6.4 release 2 before upgrading from 6.3.

Vjoon make many excellent design choices for K4 v6. While I miss some features of K4 5.9, the new K4’s design is much stronger. Parallel workflows, task orientation, multiple workflows and linking layout and design workflows are wonderful. But some of these advancements do not have any value unless they actually work.

The single biggest problem is rewinds. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. 

On the positive side our problems with K4 v6 are not as bad as the problems we had with QPS 3 and 3.5 a few years ago. With QPS 3.5 I had to recreate layouts due on a regular basis due to mysterious file corruption. In contrast our problems with K4 v6 do not seem to be slowing us down. Some of the new features are so strong that they make up for the problems.

I strongly encourage Vjoon to concentrate on making everything work properly before adding any new features.