We Need Better Database Tools

We need vjoon to supply some database tools, at least for us MySQL users. With the problems we see it would be comforting for administrators and IT staff to view what is happening in K4 at the database level.

We had a problem layout this past cycle. Every time someone checked it into the system, excuse me, finished task, there was an error and the layout stayed open on the screen. Fortunately the layout was accepted by K4 so we could safely continue working on it.

Today, when I performed a K4 XML export I noticed some oddities. The main article was shown as being attached twice to the same layout. The captions article did not export at all. When I checked the Query Panel and then viewed the listing of articles attached to this layout, it did not show the captions article but listed the main article twice. After opening the layout the K4 Attachments panel showed me everything properly.

I suspect that the database either had the wrong information or an index was corrupted. The layout’s internal structure seems to have the correct information.

I’ve been putting off mapping the structure with MySQLWorkbench.app until we upgraded to K4 6.4 but it is time for me to be able to read the raw K4 data myself. vjoom strongly recommends against going into the raw database, and I agree with them. I will have to be sure to view data in read only mode to ensure that I don’t prevent K4 from writing to the database.

I wish that vjoon will add some tools to help use examine database problems and a safe and easy way to rebuild database indexes. Cannot say if index corruption might be causing some of the problems we are seeing but it could be a simple way to attempt to fix problems.