*&@$#! Adobe

No workflow fun today. Just trying to deal with the Adobe web site.

I needed to download a trail version of Adobe Elements today. Required steps, with the annoying ones in bold.

  1. Go to adobe.com
  2. Select Download
  3. From popup menu select Adobe Elements
  4. Turn off popup blocker on browser
  5. Click on download button
  6. Informed that it needs to update Adobe AIR
  7. Click button to update Adobe AIR
  8. Informed that Adobe Download Manager needs updating
  9. Click button to update Adobe Download Manager
  10. Adobe Download Manager opens and asks me to specify what software to download. Didn’t I do this in step 3?
  11. Select photography category
  12. Click on Download PhotoShop Elements
  13. Select location to download. Why can’t it just download to my Downloads folder?
Why so many steps. This should have taken a maximum of 4 steps to do, including nativating to Adobe.com.