Moving to K4 v6: Workflow Meeting

The Washingtonian is moving to K4 v6. I am very excited about this move, but more importantly, editorial and art staff are also excited.

Margot Mancini of Technology for Publishing led our workflow analysis. She did an excellent job of explaining K4 v6’s new features. She was able to capture much of our magazine workflow into Tasks. This was also a good time to adjust the K4 workflow to match changes in our organization.

We had a good discussion on how K4 can best serve as a communications tool. While some people were concerned about it replaced fact-to-face interaction most people did not see that as a problem. Too often people can’t meet, and even when told about something that needs to be addressed there is the danger of forgetting to follow through.

Margot gave an excellent speech on the need in the publishing industry to be able to quickly turn layouts into xml so the stories can be put on web sites and meet other needs. This not only means extensive use of paragraph and character style sheets but having a standard style naming system. And a standard object name system. We do both but we can be better in consistently naming everything. Consistent naming schemas will make automation of xml creation easier.

In future posts I will cover some of the v6 features that look exciting and how we will be migrating our layouts and articles from K4 v5.9.1.1 to v6.