K4 v6: I'm enjoying it

I am enjoying working with K4 v6.3. Everyone in the office who has been introduced to it looks forward to the upgrade from v5.9. Overall it is easier to use. Some of the English translations in the client interface could use some improvements. I’ve been told that this has improved but there is a push by users to get vjoon to make more changes. When I start training staff in 2 weeks I expect to say “those wacky Germans” a few times.

Since v6 is a complete rewrite of K4 it is not surprising that there have been a few losses. I’ve mentioned no batch operations before. Oddly, when setting up default assignments you cannot specify “me.” No word filtering on the simple query. But on a positive note most of the missing features are being promised in updates later this year.

Yesterday was devoted to fixing various problems. Getting e-mail notifications to work (fixed), checking issue export, fixing configuration of InDesign Server (it wasn’t talking with K4), getting copyblobs to work, and revising stylesheet names in the templates. Everything mentioned is working now. But just not the type of stuff worth much discussion. I do wish the help for the e-mail settings were clearer and had examples.

Right now I am rereading some of the K4 manuals, they should make more sense now that I have used the system. The next big project is rewriting my XSLTs. I am excited that an XSLT can be automatically triggered through the workflow, but for me working on XSLTs is like hitting you head against the wall; it feels so much better when it is over. Hopefully my XSLTs will not require too many revisions.