Getting Ready to Migrate

We go live on Monday so I need to prepare for migration.

While I will be exporting all articles and layouts from our K4 5.9 system I will only import articles and layouts that staff have marked for migration. I created a metadata checkbox named “Migrate to v6.” If someone checks the mark I will migrate it.

At 5PM Friday I will cut off everyone’s access to K4. I then print the queries for items to migrate and all items. I will need to include all metadata that will need to be re-entered. I will then do a complete export and a 2nd export of only items marked for deletion.

Once done I then start the manual process of opening files, revoking them, and then starting a workflow in K4 v6. If there are articles attached to a layout it is easier to start the workflow for the layouts (isn’t this terminology just a little bit clumsy) and then start the article workflows from within the layouts. Fortunately K4 layouts remember what articles were attached to them.

I will also import some of the items as part of staff instruction on Monday through Thursday.