K4 Sticky Notes

A major upgrade needs at least one feature that will wow the average user. Something that they allows them to do something that they never did before. Something flashy, full of glitz. K4 Sticky Notes is K4 v6’s wow.

K4 Sticky Notes is a note that travels with a layout. It can be added through either Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy. Once a note is added or updated it instantly becomes available to anyone viewing the layout. You can use K4 Sticky Notes even if you open and article or layout in read only mode.

Step 1: Open a layout or an article attached to a layout in InDesign or InCopy.

Step 2: Click on the K4 Sticky Notes Tool

Step 3: Click on the target for the new sticky note. A Sticky Note will appear and the K4 Sticky Notes panel will open. It looks like a rectangular word balloon.

Step 4: Enter text into the K4 Sticky Notes panel. Unfortunately you cannot type directly into the K4 Sticky Note.

Step 5: (optional). You can change the direction the sticky note points by clicking on one of the 4 positions in the K4 Sticky Notes panel controller.

Step 6: Click on the Send Note button, which is the left most button on the K4 Sticky Notes panel.

The new sticky note will now appear immediately to anyone who has that page of the layout open. The sticky note will show who entered it and when.

But that’s not all. A person can respond to a Sticky Note. While the note appearing on the page will only show either only the original posting or the most recent response, the K4 Sticky Note panel will show the entire conversation. In the example below I responded to my original sticky note.

Once a sticky note has been created it can be moved and the pointer direction changed. If no longer needed you can delete it by clicking in the trash can. The left and right arrows in the panel enable the jumping from one note to another.

While I am big on sticky notes there are some down sides. There are no related e-mail alerts so they will not be seen if a person doesn’t open an InCopy document in Layout view or never opens the InDesign layout. A person can also decide to hide all sticky notes so they might not notice new ones. And if the layout changes the sticky note might not point to its target any more.

We are excited about K4 Sticky Notes but only time will tell if it is a glitzy feature that doesn’t get used or if it improves communication between the editorial and art departments.