A Suggestion to Improve Independent Tasks

In K4 v6 an Independent Task is a task that can happen at any time. It is not part of the regular workflow. It can be very handy. For example, we use Independent Tasks so we can generate HTML and XML files at any time. We use an Independent Task to allow designers to format articles at any time.

But a drawback is that an Independent Task can be activated at any time, even after the layout or article has been frozen, somewhat defeating the purpose of the workflow. I have suggested to MEI and vjoom the following changes:

1) Allow for turning off a given Independent Task at given Status(es). For example, we would like to not let designers accept the Format Text task during a specific editorial status and once the article has been sent to production.

2) Allow someone to assign an Independent Task to someone else. Perhaps there is a rare tasks that doesn’t deserve to be part of the normal workflow but a managing editor might need to assign to someone on occasion.