Some Unnecessary Confusion

In my last post I mentioned that if you have an article open in InCopy that is attached to a layout, and you open a second article attached to the same layout, a new window does not open. Rather, the text objects of the 2nd document become available in the 1st document. Since the window name does not reflect this change, this can be confusing the first time it happens but the benefits of being able to work on multiple articles in a single window are immense.

However, the current implementation causes more confusion than I had thought. If the 2nd document has text objects that are not placed in the layout, these text objects appear in a separate window. This causes massive confusion to the staff. I am now explaining to editors that after opening an article in certain circumstances that some text objects will appear in one window (the ones placed in the layout) and others in another window (those not placed).

Time to submit a bug report and request that all objects be editable in one window. I understand why Vjoom made their decision, it allows the unplaced items to be edited in Layout view. However, the confusion it causes is not worth the benefit.