Our Second Issue Produced with K4 v6.3

We are finishing our July issue of The Washingtonian in K4 v6.3 and life is much smoother than with the June issue. This is not to say that there are no problems but our workflow configuration is better, people understand the system better and few are having fewer technical problems.

Most notable is that we’ve made fewer changes in the K4 workflow configuration. Have more article workflows is an improvement. I’ve made a number of changes this week but many have been minor. We should still make improvements for articles post-copy editing, but right now we are looking at doing tune-ups as opposed to major revisions.

Lightbulbs are appearing over some heads on new ways to take advantage of K4. For example, a designer realized that if he just needed to review some work and someone else had the layout open, he could still open the layout as read only, and if he didn’t need to make changes to the articles he could still mark article tasks as finished by editing their meta data. Realizing that work can be done without actually “checking out” an article or layout is a huge advancement.

On the technical side we are seeing fewer problems. Rewinds are working properly, I suspect this is related to having fewer workflow configuration changes. We still see glitches (e.g. client thinks it checked out an object and the server disagrees) but I’ve had fewer calls about them this month.

On the web side we’ve improved our XSLTs. We formulated a way to enter url’s so they come out as clickable links in html and line breaks in InCopy come out as
tags in XML and HTML.

My next task is to work on the K4 Web Portal so staff can write/edit articles using a web browser.