Problems with Rewinds

Today I was hoping to post how to a paper report of articles that have overset type, but I kept getting errors on doing the CSV export. So hopefully I can return to the report next week.

This issue the rewinds are working better, I am not getting reports of rewinds failing. I attribute this to not changing our workflow config every other day. However, we came up with a problem on how rewinds work.

Imagine a simple workflow for an article with tasks A through G. An article is on task F and the Designer needs to send the article back to the Editor. So they rewind the article back to Task B (edit). Task D (Copyedit) is also reset because the Copy Editor will need to copyedit the article after the Editor has finished her edits.

The problem is that both the editor and copy editor now get e-mails notifying them of the tasks assigned to them. But the Copy Editor doesn’t want to do his task until the Editor has finished her task. So the normal methods of knowing what needs to be done now, e-mails and looking at My Tasks on the Query Panel, are not reliable.

I think the best solution would be the ability to unset the person assigned to the task during the rewind. The person could then set the assignment for the first of the tasks to be done and then have that person set the assignment of the following task when she completes her task.