Universal Type Server

We have been using Extensis Universal Type Server (UTS) back when it was Font Reserve Server. I love this product line but it has always had some bugs that has driven us crazy. We are running UTC 2 and have our license and copy for UTC 3 but are waiting for version 3.01 to be released.

Jim Kidwell from Extensis visited me this morning. We discussed UTS, both new features and fixes. If what he said is true then UTC 3 should fix all of the UTC 2 bugs we have suffered. The main problems we face include the client software not shutting down properly, causing problems when the person next logs into Mac OS X, and problems related to font caches. Extensis has solved the first problem and now allow for font caches to be cleaned through the client application. Some of the new features sound good and I’ll give a complete report after we install it.

Currently the only problems I know of in UTC 3 is a problem in InDesign if FontSense is turned on and the plugins for ID 5.5 aren’t working.