My First Test of Lion

I upgraded my home iMac to Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and tested it last night. Nothing extensive but hopeful. Once I upgraded VPN Tracker (I needed to get the 64 bit version) to the current version I was able to work. InDesign CS5 ( ran fine, I was able to connect to K4 over the VPN and check out layouts (opps, accept tasks) and check them back in (opps, finish tasks). Universal Type Client 2.1.3 worked fine, also connecting to the Universal Type Server over the VPN without any problems. So initially things look good. Timbuktu 8.8 also worked, at least for controlling other Macs.

Of course I have tools that I will have to update. I can’t run or work on my databases created in 4D 2004 (they are all slated to be updated once PowerTools 6 is released). And I had to say goodbye to Canvas X. And to Wingnuts.

So it is looking good though I can’t recommend using Lion in a production environment yet. I will also be pretty slow to upgrade any of our servers to Lion.