Universal Type Server 3 upgrade

Today I bit the bullet and upgraded our Universal Type Server 2.1 to version 3. Fortunately you can upgrade the server and still use the version 2.x clients. The upgrade was simple but there are a few gotchas.

  1. Make a backup of your current database and put it away somewhere safely.
  2. Be sure to shut down your UTS 2.x server before attempting the upgrade. If you have a UTS 1.x server be sure to upgrade it to UTS 2.x first. You can install UTS 2.x so you can upgrade the database without an UTS 2.x license.
  3. On a Mac just run the UTS installer on the server. If you forgot to shut down UTS first it will warn you and cancel the installation.
  4. Test your server with your current 2.x clients. I found around half of our staff had to sign back onto the UTS server, the other half had no problems at all.
  5. When you start installing the client software, be sure it is current (3.0.1 as of this writing).
  6. Expect to have the users sign back onto UTS after the client upgrade. UTC retained the sign on information but wanted the user to sign on again.

My guess is that after the upgrade the client forgets the UTS password for their account. Right now I am not seeing any problems but I have installed the UTC client on only 2 Macs.

My greatest hope is that UTS 3 has fixed the bugs and annoyances of UTS 2. Some of the new features seem helpful but not essential. I am looking forward to:

  • No UTC pref pane. The functionality is now in the UTC software.
  • Ability to safe font previews at png files
  • Clean font caches from within the UTC client software. It still requires a system reboot.