Update Fail

Today I tried updating our K4 Server from version 6.4r3-2 to 6.4r4-3. This should have been a simple server update. Patrick at MEI sent me wonderful instructions and we reviewed what needed to be done. The only reason for the update is to support InDesign and InCopy CS6.

Big fail. Everything looked OK until I signed in as the schema administrator. I could not see the Schema or Users and when I look at the admin profile it showed that I had no ability to do anything. We had 2 admin accounts and both had the same problem.

So I called MEI and Patrick helped me. He created a new k4base database. Still had problems. He checked my logs and saw that I was running an old version of Tomcat. Updated that. Didn't help. He couldn't believe that we had these problems and I took screen shots and he wrote up nots and they have all been sent to vjoon.

Fortunately the problem we were having prevented any of the publicatioin schemas from being updated, so when I restored the backed up K4 folder, you do remember to backup everything before trying a critical upgrade, everything just worked.

It is frustrating and I cannot attempt another update for at least 2 weeks. Let's see how well that fits in with the installation of our new phone system.

On a positive note I learned more about K4 internals. Of note, the K4 database holds your publication information. The K4base database only holds information about schema administrators. So if the K4base is messed up it is easy to create another K4base and your K4 database isn't trashed.