Update Success

This morning's update to K4 6.4r4-3 worked swimmingly this morning. Took less than 10 minutes. I suspect it worked last time but I had made a major mistake which made it appear not to work.

The preparation for this upgrade was worth having the first one gone wrong. I am now familiar with K4's underpinnings and feel batter about my K4 backups. I am better prepared for future upgrades.

My most important step was setting up a test server. We have limited resources, but we had an iMac temporarily available. I installed K4 6.4r3-2 because I wanted to test upgrading from r3-2 to 4-3.

I installed MySQL on the iMac and prepared it for K4, per instructions for a new K4 installation.

I then needed a backup of the K4 production database and restore it to this MySQL database. Our MySQL backup script predates vjoon's recommendations for the export code, so I updated the code and waited for the next automatic backup. For information on restoring a database look at the upgrade instructions for upgrading from K4 6.3 to 6.4. This provides the code for both backing up and restoring data. Even though we had tested restoring from our backups in the past I am more confident that our backups match vjoon's documentation.

I then installed K4 with Tomcat and followed the instructions. The major steps are

  1. Install K4 with Tomcat
  2. Start Tomcat, wait a few minutes and stop it. K4 creates some files on this install.
  3. Edited the K4_Server_config.xml file to match our current configuration. In addition to uncommenting the code to use the MySQL database we also set the port to 8280.
  4. Because we changed the ports I also had to modify the server.xml file in Tomcat.

And it worked. Now I could practise upgrading the test server to K4 6.4r4-3. The steps provided to me by Patrick of MEI worked perfectly. It worked so well that I realized why my attept of 2 weeks ago failed. The browser's cache wasn't cleared properly. This time I was prepared to use another browser if I had problems clearing Safari's cache.

Everything worked. The update even solved a problem I had with deleting an issue from a publication.

So this morning I followed the instructions for upgrading the K4 production server. I was confident in my backups so, if worse came to worse, I could build K4 server from scratch and restore the data. Since my Tomcat was out of date I backed up and deleted the old K4 Server folder and installed K4 with Tomcat. I needed the mysqlconnector file from the old K4 setup since I did not upgrade the MySQL database this time. The operation took less than 10 minutes and then I just had to update the K4 connection files on InCopy and InDesign.

We are all set to move to Adobe InDesign and InCopy CS6. That update is scheduled for January 2 and should be stress free.