My last good look at WoodWing’s InDesign workflow solution was in 2005. I was impressed by it but felt that vjoon’s K4 better met our needs and was more mature. 7 years later  I was happy to meet with Erik Schut, President and co-founder, and Glen Graessley of Woodwing a month ago to discuss their current enterprise product.

The Woodwing Content Station product distinguishes itself in its planning capabilities. 

Using dossiers, editors and managers can plan content packages with files for print, online, and other mediums. A handy Planning tool shows all brands in the system and their scheduled outputs (sometimes referred to as issues). Dossier Templates allow users to drag preformatted content packages, complete with tasks and sample resources, into a scheduled output to quickly build a content plan.

This one feature distinguishes it from K4. You can enter your story list for an issue of your publication without entering any layouts or articles into the system. As articles and layouts get entered they are linked to your planning objects. This is the one feature I been wanting for K4. Eliminate the various story lists that individuals keep on paper, word pressing and spreadsheets and have it all in the editorial workflow system.

Of course there are other differences between Woodwings Content Station and vjoon K4 that are important, but this struck me as Content Station's most compelling feature. I do not have any hands on experience with Content Station, but if you are shopping for an editorial workflow system you should look at it. For more information go to http://www.woodwing.com/en/enterprise-publishing-system/content-station