K4 5.9 Analysis Database Files

I had some time today to cleanup my analysis database so others can download it. It is written in 4th Dimension v12. While I wrote it on a Macintosh it should run fine on Windows but I have not tested it.

This database was written as a proof of concept for my office, so a number of aspects are hardwired to our publications settings. For example, in the [articleSummary] table, each status has its own field. Issues are assume to months. When I rewrite the database for K4 6.4 I will make it more general so it can handle different setups.

There are only 2 tables in the database. [Objects] holds the raw data imported from a FileMaker Pro database. Every version of every object from K4 has a single record. The [articleSummary] table is generated from the [Objects] database and has a single record for each object.

The database is loaded with dummy data. To view the data you need to install 4D v12 on your computer. If you do not have a copy you can download the installer from http://www.4d.com. If you don’t buy a license you will be able to run the database. Once you have it running select Graphical View from the file menu. The following dialog will ask to select a suffix as a filter, you can select Cancel to see all objects. Select the Feb issue and then Articles. The color chart will appear. If you click on a colored square another window will pop up showing you more detail about each time that article was edited that day.

The FileMaker Pro data is only provided as an example of doing an ODBC import from K4. There is a script for importing data from K4 and another script to export as a tab delimited file for import into the 4D database.

Here are the 2 zip files, one for the 4D files and the other for the FileMaker Pro file.

4D Files FileMaker Pro file