Moving to 4D v12

I’ve been immersed these days with updating our databases to the 4th Dimension v12 I’ve moved all of our smaller databases from 4D 2004 to v12 and am now working on our large insertion order system. It’s fun but very time consuming.

I use the Foundation Shell,, for many of my tools and to improve my productivity. This database predates my use of Foundation so I have been replacing my code with Foundation code over time.

I’m also using iLB ListMagic,, to produce dice browsers into the database tables. iLB ListMagic works very nicely with the Foundation Shell.

PowerTools 4.2 from Automated Solutions Group,, provides me with lots of nice routines. It also integrates nicely with the Foundation Shell and some people might prefer using it over iLB ListMagic. But PowerTools will place a less prominant role in this version of our Insertion Order database.

One tool that I am dropping from my database development toolkit is AreaList Pro (ALP). It was a great way to handle arrays and portals to tables, but I find that 4D’s ListBox object (which ILB ListMagic builds on) usually meets my needs. And I am finding ListBoxes often easier to work with than ALP. Hopefully I will not eat my words a month from now.

4D v12 is a huge jump over 4D 2004. I am more productive in so many different ways. There is a lot to learn, but it is enjoyable. We will have better databases. Work does slow down when I have to learn new things but in this case there is a nice payout.