K4 6.4r3-2 Installed

We upgraded from K4 6.3r1 to K4 6.4r3-2 this weekend. We decided to jump to 6.4r3-2 after being reassured by MEI techs that this was a really good version. Some of the 6.4 version have had problems, so I will be reporting as we publishing our first issue of The Washingtonian with this version.

The upgrade went very smoothly. Jamie DelleMonache installed the upgrade remotely from an undisclosed location in Pennsylvania while I monitored the upgrade from my home. Jamie moved the K4 database to a new volume and then performed the upgrade. We have two issues to resolve this morning. The first is to install the license for K4 Webserver and the other to put in an intermediary XSLT so I can rewrite my XSLTs at a more convenient time. Jamie reviewed our K4 Server and did a fair bit of tuning.

I do see some performance improvements, in particular calling up an objects history. I also noticed some bugs were fixed but I need more time to play with it. The issue of an object being marked as checked out if someone cancelled an Edit Metadata task is fixed; if you cancel the Edit Metadata tasks the object is not considered to be in use.

The updates on the client side were very simple. Just replace the Vjoon K4 plugins with new ones. Be sure to not delete the K4 Config.xml in the old vjoon K4 directory.

And don’t you just love the K4 version numbering system. When meeting with other K4 system admins we were giggling over the version numbers as we tried to determine which one was the best.