K4 6.4 r3-2 report: Day 2

So far K4 is working more smoothly. Many of the bugs I deal with have been quashed. 

  • When cancelling a dialog only task (e.g. edit metadata, an approval task) the object is not left checked out.
  • CSV export of queries work. I can make it fail by checking both Include attached objects in listing and Include all tasks in listing.
  • Calling the history list of an object is fast

 Some improvements to the query panel are welcome

  • Filter by object name (search by name of the article or layout)
  • Column showing an object’s associated layout. This is very helpful in finding articles that haven’t been attached to layouts.
  • Columns showing when an object was last saved and by whom.
  • There is an option for collections but I haven’t delved into it yet 

One new problem noted so far

  • This has happened on 3 Macs so far. If the directory holding the local K4 files (usually K4Layout or K4Edit) has old files in it, it might prevent certain files from being checked out of K4. This has happened in both InDesign and InCopy. And in all 3 cases the Overset Manager plugin was installed. The problem was solved either by removing the Overset Manager plugin or by clearing out the old files in K4Layout or K4Edit. I suspect that K4 was attempting to open a local file rather than copy the file from the K4 Server even though the names didn’t match. It is possible that this might only happen if the local files existed prior to the K4 upgrade. If I find out anything new about this situiaton I will post it here.

As to my XSLTs I am taking the slow approach. I am using the convert2.2To2.1.1.xsl xslt provided by vjoon. I will update my xslt’s in the future, but right now I don’t have the time.