First Issue Completed on K4 6.4r3-2

We just finished our first issue of The Washingtonian since upgrading to K4 6.4r3-2 and workflow went much more smoothly than in a long time. Rewinds worked, staff received e-mail notifications (though sometimes with a delay), and I didn't have any calls to help with withdrawn tasks. So many bugs were obliterated.

There were some changes, such as search by object name in the Query Panel, which is more of a filtering feature. At times I wondered if my queries were broken, only to realize that I had entered a filter earlier. So the problem was learning something new as opposed to something not working.

We did have a problem one day doing a query of work assigned to a particular editor, but it went away the next day, so I suspect a corrupted index that fixed itself overnight.

2 real issues. If you close a checked out document you will be asked to check it back in, or to "complete the task" to use K4 6.4 terminology. If you finished the task you wouldn't be able to set the next task. vjoon is aware of this issue and I had to train two people to always use the Finish Task menu option. The other problem is that in the K4 Attachments panel the articles are not sorted alphabetically. Nor are they sorted in a Query Panel if you do a query on layouts and then look at the articles attached to the layout.

So I've deleted the image of our K4 6.3 installation CD and deleted the logical drive holding the old K4 database.