Independent Tasks

How to Create and Independent Task

1. In K4 Admin edit the workflow

2. Click on the expand point next to the Output Channel. The number in this tab shows how many Independent tasks have been created for this workflow/channel. 

Ind Task Step 1.png

3. Click on the add button

ind task step 2.png

4. Setting up an independent task is the same as any other task at this point. Assign which categories of staff can perform this task and what can be accomplished.

step 3.png

Attaching to a Button in the Query Panel

Independent tasks are normally access by right-clicking or control-clicking on an object in a query panel. Buttons can also be set up to activate independent tasks.

Here is the button bar of the query panel if no objects are highlighted.


When we click on an object, additional buttons may show up to activate independent tasks associated with that object's workflow. Note that a new button appears to the right in the picture below.


To control independent task buttons open K4 Admin. In the image below se see that various workflows have assigned independent tasks to Button 1 but no tasks have been assigned to Button 2. 


Click on the pencil button to edit the button settings.


Click on Button 2 tab to create a new independent task button.


Click on checkbox Button is active to activate the button.


Click on one o the Independent Task popup menus and select an independent task for the specific workflow.

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 10.08.08 AM.jpg

We see in K4 Admin that for the Hed workflow there is a 2nd independent task button to trigger the task Emergency Edit.


After creating button 2 we go to InCopy, open a query panel, click on an hed object and two extra buttons will appear. The first is Add/Edit Metadata and the second is Emergency Edit. Hits will identify each button as the cursor hovers above it.

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 10.16.52 AM.jpg

The Problem of Independent Task

By definition an Independent Task can be triggered at any time. You need to be very careful in providing access to an Independent Task because that allows the user to violate the workflow.

My hope is that K4 will allow the administrator to set an Independent Task to work only at given statuses. For example, once an article has shipped to the printer I would like to lock out all editing of the article. We have had staff who hadn't realized that the pages have printed and changes are impossible. More importantly, I want to ensure that our copy editor will always be aware of any changes made my an editor.