Missing: Batch Changes

This morning I am reminded how much I want a batch change option in the Query Panel.

I am making the same 2 changes to over a hundred objects in a Section. I select multiple objects and perform the Manage Tasks... operation.Then object by object I  (1) change the issue from current  to previous and (2) remove the prefix form the name of some objects. Life would be easier if I could do these operations via a batch process.

Why am I manually moving layouts and articles from one issue to another? We publish a few titles only once or twice a year and creating separate publications for every title adds a lot to the overhead of managing users. If K4 had a single user list for a server and then automatically populated the users to each publication, I would create a publication per title. But since K4 creates a separate user list for each publication, user management get onerous as you create more publications. Perhaps I should look into Open Directory integration.