That Went Smoothly

Today we moved everyone from CS5 products to CS6. Surprisingly nothing went wrong. I switched people over today and they kept working like it was yesterday.

We used Adobe Application Manager to create pkg files with updates, so we were able to push installation and the .406 update via Apple Remote Desktop. We mound AAM 3.1 very easy to use.

The steps I took to install InCopy CS6 on each Mac is as below. All work was done via Apple Remote Desktop

  1. Install InCopy CS6.
  2. Install InCopy CS6 rapid release updater.
  3. Push the vjoon K4 plugins folder to the Macs.
  4. Run Adobe Updates to update all Adobe software except for InCopy CS6.
  5. Pushed a folder with the name of the hard disk into the InCopy application. All of our Macs hard disks share the same names. This folder is located in  Adobe InCopy You need to open the package (right or command click on the app and select Show Package Contents from the popup menu), then open the Contents folder then open the MacOS folder and create the new folder here. I pushed this folder from my iMac to all of the Macs running InCopy CS6.
  6. When the user was in the office I pushed my InCopy preferences to their accounts. This provides a common starting point. I let users know that we could copy their InCopy CS5 preferences into CS6 if they preferred.
  7. Made sure that they had the Universal Type Client plugin by either installing a new version of UTC on the Mac or pushing the UTC plugin from my Mac.

So I prepped the Macs earlier this week, did final installations this morning, and let staff to let me know when they logged into their Macs. I removed InCopy CS5 from their Dock and put in CS6 and tested each workstation. I checked with staff later in the day and they confirmed that everything was working fine. Fortunately for InCopy users CS5 and CS6 work in an almost identical manner.

InDesign users were updated in an almost identical manner.