Good news on InCopy CC and CC for Teams

An Adobe reseller has told me that it is now possible to buy an individual Creative Cloud app and tie it to your Carbon Copy for Teams account. This is important for publications with writers and editors who use InCopy but no other Adobe software. 

An Adobe rep told me that Adobe will not sell you this type of license, you have to buy it from a Adobe Creative Cloud reseller.

But we aren’t there yet.  I have contacted Chesapeake Systems about buying a single InDesign CC license and tieing it to our CC for Teams account. Since we purchased our CC for Teams licenses directly from Adobe Chesapeake Systems is not sure they can sell us the InDesign CC license and tie it to our CC for Teams account. They are researching the issue for me.

This is somewhat academic since K4 currently does not support InDesign CC or InCopy CC, but we can assume we will see this support in 2014.