Tagging and Embedded Images

Today I've had trouble checking in two articles after tagging them. In both cases they text has embedded images. For some reason on checking in these articles I end up with the spinning wheel of death.

In the past ensuring that embedded text or graphic boxes are not tagged has been sufficient to fix this problem. Today I am not sure if that is the fix.

One article was just a table. I untagged the article and then manually tagged the table as a table and did not tag any text within the table. That allowed me to check in the table. But if I just tried to remove the tag that encompassed the embedded graphic I could not get beyond the spinning wheel of death.

I am working on the other article right now. It has 75 embedded graphics. When I tagged this article I made sure that the paragraph style used on the paragraph with the graphic did not get tagged. But sometimes paragraph styles get misapplied by accident, which would result in tagging of the paragraph. If that isn't the case I will have to duplicate the article and remove all images from it. Or I can copy and paste the text into a text editor and use GREP to automate tagging the paragraphs.

Follow-Up. I checked the long article with 75 embedded graphics. I noted that the last paragraph wasn't tagged at all. I tagged it and then checked it in, I decided to give it at least 15 minutes. InDesign never became responsive but the Finish Task dialog did disappear. After force quitting ID and restarting it I discovered that the article was checked into K4 after all.