A Call from Adobe

An Adobe sales rep called me yesterday. He wanted to inform me about Adobe’s Creative Cloud initiative (re software rental strategy). I was not pleased.

He informed me about the differences between regular Creative Cloud (CC) and Team products. I thought the main difference was the amount of storage space you get in the cloud. I was wrong.

Creative Cloud Team provides consolidated billing and centralized administrative functions. If you get regular CC for each employee you will receive a bill or credit card charge for each license. And if the employee leaves your company they keep the license, not the company. So this, and additional cloud storage that we do not want, is what we get for an additional $20/month per person. This is a rare case where enterprise customers pay more per seat than individuals.

It is not clear to me if, with CC Team, employees will be able to use the same license on a work and home computer, as has been the case with Adobe’s past policies.

And no discount was mentioned based on our current support agreement with Adobe. So I guess that is a few thousand dollars wasted.

The rep did try to pressure me to get started with CC Team by taking advantage of the discounted pricing. I pointed out we would save a lot more money by delaying any action on CC for another 6 to 12 months. Plus we cannot use the new versions of InDesign or InCopy because they will not work with the current version of K4.

I am going to sit and wait and see if CC pricing is more reasonable than my calculations. But right now it looks like it is blowing a hole in my 2014 budget.