Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams

Saw the announcements and waiting to hear what this will really cost us. We paid Adobe $4,700 for software assurance plan in January, I guess that was money wasted. Adobe list prices for Creative Cloud will increase that cost to $20,000/year. But I am not going to panic until I hear from MEI what CC will actually cost us. I am concerned that it will be a  major increase and include features we don't want, such as cloud storage.

I think Creative Cloud will be a major win for some people. But I keep thinking of Verizon. I went for years on an old Verizon cell phone plan that was no longer offered. When I needed to replace a phone they told me that I would have to move to a more expensive plan, but look they said, you get more minutes. I don't use even half the minutes in my old plan, I told them I was moving to AT&T. They then offered me a special legacy plan that was the same price as my old plan.

So two lessons

  1. Prices go up and they justify it by giving you stuff that you might not want.
  2. If you complain you may be able to avoid the price hike.