Talked with an Adobe Rep Today

I talked with an Adobe rep about Creative Cloud for Teams.

  1. Creative Cloud for Enterprise will require a 3 year contract for $100,000 or more. We are not large enough for this program. Adobe is promising details about CCfE later this month.
  2. To buy CC for Teams you get a 1 year contract with Adobe and get the number of licenses you want. If you add a new team play 3 months into your contract then you pay for a prorated contract, in this case for 6 months. The only way to remove licenses is to wait for you annual contract to come up for renewal and then set a smaller number of licenses. So when I hire that intern for two months I will need to buy more CC than I want.
  3. There is no integration between the CC for Teams license and renting individual apps. So if you are like us, where the ratio of CC users to InCopy users is 1 to 5, you will have to buy and administer each IC license separately, a billing and administrative nightmare. We have around 50 InCopy users. Plus the license will be associated with the employee, not the employer, so we would lose the license when the employee left us. A few of our InCopy users also have PhotoShop so I would bet them a full CC for Teams license, but they are in the minority. The Adobe sales rep is double checking this item and said he will get back to me.

My conclusion is that Adobe has not thought this through and I hope by the time we are ready for Creative Cloud this will be fixed.

The rep kept saying how much we could save by buying CC licenses by the end of the month. I replied we could save even more by putting off purchase of CC licenses by 6 or 7 months. Or more.

At least I don't need to do anything before January.