XML Export Without K4

I am working on converting the text from 50 layouts into HTML. These layouts do not exist in our K4 server so I did the XML export from within each layout. Working with the resulting XML files is a lot more work than the XML that are exported from K4.

In my K4 XML export workflow, I wrote a XSLT that creates a XML file per layout, which is the case for exporting XML directly from InDesign. But there is a major difference in organization.

In the K4 XML export each story or article has its own tag which includes the name of the article. So I can quickly find different stories in my XML editor by working in outline view.

In contrast the XML files exported directly from InDesign simply have <Story> tags around each story. I can identify each story only by opening the tag in my XML editors outline view. I am working on a layout right now which can have over 10 stories to a page and the stories are not organized in any predictable way. So I am spending a lot of time looking for text and dragging it to the correct part of the document.

I appreciate how K4 makes my XML workflow easier.