K4 Web Server

Our K4 Web Server is now running. Not too difficult to set up but I made a blunder and the K4 plugins for InDesign Server were serialized incorrectly. Vjoon was quick to issue us with the correct plugins and I fixed my minor mistakes with help from MEI.

K4 Web Server enables you to edit InCopy documents via a web interface. it offers only a subset of InCopy capabilities and has a different interface. But it allows a mobile user to access text in K4 via a web browser. it no longer requires the client to have Java.

While the interface is very similar to the version that shipped with K4 6.4r4 it is much faster. My tests on an iPad worked out well. You select files via the Query panel, nothing new here. Once you open a file you see a list of K4 Attachments associated with it, a Layout view pane (non-editable) and a text pane (Story view only). The panes can be expanded so you can have the text editor occupy the entire window.

I recommend against the K4 Web Server from being available to the public Internet. We will require VPN access to our network in order for staff to access this server.