Workflow management in publishing is about how people work with each other in the publishing environment, be it print, web, or multimedia publishing. 

Technology in workflow management needs to support and shape how people work together. While manual workflow can work — where people follow string strict strict rules, naming conventions and other, the proper automation tools can make life much easier and build in communication to the work process. While I work with a specific toolset many aspects of workflow management are not specific to any specific product.

 Phones have become integrated with the computer network. Making and receiving calls, voicemail and conferencing are still important, but today’s phone systems are more complicated. They can make your office more productive, but only if they are easy enough to use. As a non-phone guy I’ve been looking at phone systems over the year for my own office, and wish to share what I have learned.



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K4 Journal
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Adventures in PBX Land

Adventures in PBX land