Understanding that Change is Possible

Most staff and executives do not understand that K4 configuration is not set in stone. The workflow configuration can be changed and improved at any time. This has always been true in K4 and is true in QPS and in most editorial workflow system. Their power lies in the ability to customize the workflow for any office.

Yet I rarely get requests to make changes, most people think that this is how the software works and we have to adopt to it. People should be complaining to me when the K4 configuration is working. Sometimes the the theory behind the setup and the reality of the work doesn’t match up, other times the workflow changes and the software should be reconfigured for the new software. Yet most people don’t complain, they adopt and do work-arounds, making the system less useful. 

I consider this to be one of my largest challenges. How do you encourage management and staff to provide feedback so your workflow system can improve over time?