K4 6.6r4 Upgrade a Success

3 days into working K4 6.6r4 and all is better than before. We are not using any of the new features but we notice a few improvements.

  1. Under K4 6.4 InCopy users were get a bothersome dialog on opening articles if the article was attached to a layout. Problem fixed.
  2. In the past few months the K4 database kept growing in size. I noticed in some of our publications when I instructed K4 to deleted earlier versions of objects that it failed to do so. Now this function works for all pubs and our database shrunk by 30GB.  I do not know if this was a coding problem or if there was some corruption to our database which the update process fixed.
  3. Query panels seem a little faster. I will have a better idea if there is a noticeable speed increase in a few weeks when I archive the July issue. I cannot say if this improvement is due to coding or if the update process fixed problems in our database.

My next step is to upgrade to MySQL 5.5. This upgrade looks pretty simple to do and doesn't involve exporting or importing database.