New Dates and Working Through Problems

I just got a new date for circuit installation, Jan 18. That should give us enough to to go live before Feb 1. On glitch is that the new DIDs will not be solid until the circuit is delivered which means I will not know the new extensions for around 50 people until then. And it puts further work on user setup and LDAP synching until then. But I think I can start testing Mac programs for letting Address Book/Contacts dial my phone.

We've been having problems with remote access for 2 servers: Kerio Connect (e-mail) and DayLite (crm). Both look like firewall rule issues.

DayLite is fixed. I got the Cisco ASA administration program today and saw that there was no rule allowing packets to go from the Internet to the DayLite server. Simple entry error, the wrong server was entered. Changed the entry and all is happy. Yeah.

We have been having problems with remote users not being able to send e-mail. We restrict all SMTP connections from outside our LAN to be secure SMTP. Secure SMTP uses port 465. I think, by default, tries to use port 587. Since doesn't get a response from the mail server saying "nope, port 587 is closed for" doesn't know to switch to port 465. Or that is my guess. So why doe mail on an iPhone, which has the default port of 587 for secure SMTP, have no problem sending e-mail. So we will let traffic for port 587 reach the mail server. That should solve that problem. Or we can have people manually change to only use port 465 for the office mail account. The latter seems to be a lot more work.

So for the next week I will be focusing on non-phone responsibilities, and then go whole hog on phones.