Almost Live

Our Cisco system is almost live. This is very exciting.

The PBX is now talking with our Open Directory again. Test users can sign on Cisco services using the web and use Cisco Jabber client. I'll be writing about Jabber as soon as I have some time. I find it exciting and useful.

I was surprised that our new DID numbers are working for incoming calls. We haven't switched to the new circuit yet but we have been able to use it for outgoing calls. But someone told me that they received a call on their new phone. So we did some testing and found that staff who have the new DID numbers and extensions can receive calls from outside the office. Staff who have DID numbers can only receive calls on their old phones until we officially switch circuits on Feb 20th. But this will allow for more testing and system improvements prior to going live.

The hardest thing to get staff testing the new phones to understand is that our new PBX doesn't talk to the old one. Calls coming in to the receptionist will be transferred to their old phones. That if they want to call another staff member they need to use their old phone. Thankfully our testers will only have to live with 2 phones on their desks for a few days.

I am working on articles about Cisco Jabber for the Mac and the Cisco 8961 phones.