I wish . . .

That we had a workflow column for the Query Panel. I am busy rebuilding our standard queries now that we have 5 article queries this occurred to me. It would be nice to view all articles for an issue and see in a glance which workflows are assigned to which articles.

Which brings up another annoyance, which I suspect is Adobe’s fault. If you are entering many values in a dialog and if the number of values can vary, every time you set a value to a popup menu or add a new value, and if the list is very long, it scrolls back to the top of the list. So I am busy clicking on New Part, scroll down, select a New Criteria, scroll down again, set the value, add a new criteria, scroll down. This also happens if you are assigned and finishing a large list of tasks for an object.

What would be even nicer would be having the option to jump from popup menu to popup menu using the TAB key, just as you can jump from field to field, and then use the keyboard to select a value from the popup menus. Would be much nicer than use mouse, then keyboard, back to mouse, back to keyboard over and over again.